Msi r390 Core Clock UNDERclocking - Raptr issue?

Discussion created by screwsmurfs on Jan 5, 2016
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Hi there so a few days ago i brought an MSI r 390 after hearing nothing but positive things about it, so far i'm regretting every minute of it.


Pc specs:

Mobo: Asus Z87-A

CPU: i7 4770k

GPU: Msi r 390 (previous: Gtx 660 ti, NOTE this ran better)

PSU: Corsair 650tx


The issue


I play a lot of games with freinds, my main game being World of warcraft; the game is more cpu intense than graphic intense however on WoW i'm getting huge fps drops, when the core clock is hovering around 1000mhz it's fine, but a lot of the time it tries to hang around 600-800 mhz, this is where the drops happen.

I understand "it wont run at high clock if its not requird" but i was in a raid / fight and the core clock was hanging low - with my fps being very low, obviously it was needed to run at a higher clock at that point.


I have found a few ways to make it run at 1040mhz - my issues go away, but this seems to be nothing but a temp fix, and i want to get this fixed.


How i installed the new card:

I have uninstalled the gtx 660 ti drivers - rebooted / plugged in the R 390 - installed the new drivers and have had issues.

I then proceeded to install graphic display uninstaller - and reinstalled the r 390 drivers (Crimson 15.12) but i still had issues.


I freshly installed my entire comptuer, windows, wow, drivers, the lot.

I STILL have the issue.

I have seen various people saying they have had issues, a lot of blame on the 15.12 crimson drivers, so i tried the beta drivers - 15.11 Beta, at first glance this seemed to fix the issue!

Wow instantly runs at 1040mhz when loaded, however i have now come across a weird issue.


IF i turn off highlight clips + session recording in raptr - the core clock lowers itself again to 600-800. I am forced to use the highlight/session record feature in raptr to get my GPU to perform at what it should, WHY?


I'm having nothing but issues with this £300 card, when my old gtx 660 ti ran MUCH better. (to clarify, when the r390 runs at 1040mhz like it should, it is better, but its a joke to get it running at that apprently.)


Can i please get some help from someone, preferably someone from AMD to tell me why their drivers are bull?.