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Crossfire dual HD5870M not working in windows10 64bit

Question asked by g424 on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by g424

After formatting my laptop ClevoX8100 (intel i7840QM - Chipset Intel DMI HostBridge rev.11 - PM55 SouthBridge - 6Gb Ram -  two Radeon hd5870m video card connected with crossfire cable from manufacturer) and install Win10 64bit (from win7 64bit), the bios recognize the correct two video card but when I try to install Crimson software (or catalyst or old software in compatible mode) the install manager select AMD FirePro Control Center, but I don't have a FirePro. Naturally it's impossible to find any mde to enabling Crossfire mode, and in SketchUp drawing app when I try to modify Style and Colors a blue screen appears and report a video driver crash. Windows device manager can only activate the master video card, the other remainsin the devices list with the Yellow conflict icon. Thank you for any welcoming help.