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    RAID5 can't rebuild on Windows 10


      I have a board with 990fx chipset. The bios set to load legacy driver for raid. System works now with 2 drives. (1 dropped out)


      Today one of the drives got disconnected from the raid array. I went to raidxpert and tried to rebuild. It just froze.

      I rebooted the box and it wouldn't reboot properly. Windows was freezing at login prompt. I disconnected the drive which was out and windows booted fine.

      I went to raidxpert and reconnected drive, drive appeared in raidxpert and then tried to rebuild the array. It just freezes when I try that. Then I have to disconnect the drive again so I can boot back to windows 10.


      I tried different same size drive, also tried different SATA port and different cable. Results are always the same...


      In device manager I see AMD 2+1 Disk SCSI Disk Device with driver version 10.0.10586.0 and AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller with driver version 3.4.1540.2

      I tried to install new crimson drivers which said it has drivers for 990fx specifically. The installer does not show any raid drivers to install, also tried raidxpert and it just does not show it. There are other threads here on the forum where people have similar problems. I went to driver folders in the installer and tried to find the driver manually. But all I can find is windows 7 drivers. The windows 10 drivers are only for bolton chipset apparently.


      So, now I don't know if the issue is the windows 10 or not. Before trying to install windows 7 to try this, I thought I would come and see if you guys have any solutions for this ridiculous problem.

      I wonder if AMD cares?



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          I came up with a workaround now, but it is ugly and well if AMD does not fix this, then they should remove the RAID functionality from their chipset because it is BAD.



          I removed all the drives then installed windows 7 on a different disk. Installed RAID drivers and RaidXpert software. Then connected all the drives. The array logical drive showed as 'offline' I have activated it and then started rebuild!. Now I know I have to keep a windows 7 installation somewhere for future problems


          I thought I would support AMD by building an AMD system, but I feel bad about that decision now. I surely hope AMD would solve this driver problem otherwise it makes no sense to use AMD hardware anymore if basic functionality does not work!


          There are already several threads here where people are complaining about RAID with SSDs etc. not functioning and also not being able to find windows 10 drivers and driver installer not installing proper software. Here is definitely a real problem to fix!



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              What Raid drivers are you using in Windows 10?  I had the same issue with my Raid 5 array missing after upgrading to Windows 10.  The 16.7.3 drivers don't seem to work.  However, I manually selected the driver through AMD site by going to Chipsets > AMD 6-Series Chipsets > All 6-Series Chipsets > Windows 7 64 Bit.  I was then presented with amd-catalyst-15.7.1-sb-sata-ahci-win10-win8.1-win7.exe.


              After installing that, my raid 5 array showed up and works fine now but I have not tried a rebuild.  I'm running a Gigabyte GA-790FXTA-UD5 board.

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              I don't remember the driver version right now. I will retire that RAID array ASAP after I upgrade it to a Ryzen processor system. No more RAID5 for me, it was also somewhat slow under Windows 10. I am not using the machine that often...


              My problem was that my raid array got broken everytime I plugged in something to front USB port. I now keep a windows 7 hard drive sitting nearby just in case and removed the connector to front USB port I have an MSI motherboard, 890FXA-GD80 or something. I can't remember now the exact model.