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    [solved] Driver Radeon 8600M doesn't propery work




      I have the following problem:




      I was trying to play a game on steam, but the game displayed me this:




      Ok I noticed (for the first time) that if I try to change my display brightness it doesn't work.

      So I thought that the problem must have been related to the drivers.


      What I tried

      Device Manager > Display adapters (Schede Video in italian) > Intel(R)... > Update driver software

      Device Manager > Display adapters (Schede Video in italian) > AMD Radeon... > Update driver software

      Installed latest AMD drivers from the AMD site too


      But if I disable the Intel(R) graphic card, and I try to run the game the same problems persist, to "solve" I have to enable my integrated Intel(R) card or disable completely the AMD.



      Some info

      - Windows 10 Education x64

      - AMD Radeon 8600M driver version : 15.300.1025.1001


      Some info from AMD sw:

      - Radeon settings version - 2015.1204.1216.22046
      - Driver packet version - 15.30.1025.1001-151204a-296874C
      - Driver 2D Version -
      - Direct3D® Version -
      - OpenGL® Version -
      - OpenCL™ Version -
      - AMD Mantle Version -
      - API AMD Mantle Version - 98309


      more (in italian) here





      I've uninstalled ALL AMD software and ALL AMD drivers.


      I've download the AMD autodetect program to install the correct driver but it fails with:


      Impossible to find any AMD driver because there is no AMD hardware.


      Well...that's impossible! What do I have to do? (if I'm not wrong I have a 8670m inside my notebook HP pavillion 15)


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