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BF4 DX11 dxgi_error_device_hung

Question asked by lukanite on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by john007

I've been having this crash for months now, but after borrowing a friend's computer to test whether or not it was a motherboard issue, I'm officially out of ideas. This crash happens randomly (can be as soon as a few minutes into playing, or an hour later), usually on the larger maps of BF4 (Golmud Railway CQ, Silk Road CQ, Siege of Shanghai CQ, etc.). Crossfire is enabled (between an R9 280 and HD 7950) - this crash does not happen when run in borderless mode or Crossfire is off. Mantle works and does not have this error, but it has micro-stuttering issues that makes the benefits of Crossfire worthless. (By the way, Mantle fullscreen always crashes when loading BF4 on a white screen, only borderless Mantle works).


An example of the message (from a few months ago) is as follows:

DirectX function "GetDeviceRemovedReason" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG ("The device is hung which is typically caused by issues in the graphics driver or alternatively the application"). GPU: "AMD Radeon R9 200 Series", Driver: 8.17.0010.1404 10/23/2015 14:42:28


Testing Notes:

  • The GPU the error references is always the one that the monitor is plugged in to
  • GPU temps are ~75 degrees Celsius and under 70% load - no specific "spike" before it crashes
  • Increasing the GPU workload by raising the framerate cap via in-game console seems to make it crash more quickly
  • Increasing the voltage of both cards does not alleviate the problem
  • Downclocking one card from 940mhz (stock) to 800mhz and the other from 840mhz (stock) to 800mhz (maybe?) reduces the frequency of crashes, but it still happens
  • Both cards work fine at 940mhz individually without any problems
  • A fresh install of Windows 10 x64 with a fresh install of BF4 does not fix the problem
  • Origin in-game does not affect the problem
  • Borrowing a HIS HD 7950 (800mhz) and swapping it with either of the cards does not fix the problem
  • Borrowing a different system (i7-4790k, 16GB RAM, Gigabyte Gaming 5 MB, Corsair CX600) and placing my cards into it on a fresh install of Windows does not fix the problem
  • Swapping the order of the graphics cards on the MB does not matter


System Specs:

  • CPU: i7-4770k
  • RAM: 16GB of Kingston HyperX
  • GPU 1: Sapphire Dual-X R9 280
  • GPU 2: MSI Radeon HD 7950 OC Boost
  • MB: Gigabyte G1.Sniper M5 (BIOS F10)
  • PSU: Corsair CX750M
  • OS: Windows 10 x64


BF4 Settings:

  • V-Sync off
  • DX11 1080p 59.94hz
  • "Ultra" preset
  • Capped via console to 70 fps (usually)


"Fresh Install" of Windows

  • Installed Windows 10 onto USB (using WinToUSB)
  • Installed AMD's latest Crimson package
  • Installed Origin
  • Installed BF4


Any suggestions as to what could be the problem? Could it just be AMD's driver, as the error suggests?


Thanks in advance,