AMD Fury X Screen flickering

Discussion created by tracyfox on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2016 by madmungo

Hello. I just want to write here to find out if i should RMA my card i just received, or wait for better drivers.


So im a lucky owner of an Asus Fury X. I love the design and the noise level compared to my older card, The R9 295x2. The problem now is i am running into issues. I never had problems with my older card but now, I see some screen flickering and sometimes blackscreens. I manage to fix this issue by using the "Clockblocker", but the problem seems to appear in 1 game only, and thats CS:GO. Now the 1 millon dollar question: Should i RMA my card? Or should i just take it as a driver fault and wait for it to be fixed?

My Setup:
I5 6600k
Fury X
Fractal design newton 1000w
Evo 850 500gb.
BenQ XL2730Z.