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    Firepro 5950 not supporting Aero


      My Dell Precision M4600 was working fine yesterday.  After some applications updated this morning (corporate push), I can no longer use Aero themes and the tool ribbons in Office 365 are filled with black squares.  The tech support folks here have given up after trying:


      * Uninstall/reinstall recommended driver from Dell: did not change behavior.

      * Full Diagnostics run at bootup: no problems found.

      * Switching away to another theme and then back: no change.




      * No transparency for windows borders

      * All Office 2013 products (Outlook, Word, Excel, Lync, etc.) have black squares with a few color pixels on icons, buttons on dialogs are black until I mouse over them, splash screens are empty white rectangles.

      * I downloaded and ran MicrosoftFixit.Aero.RNP.Run.exe from Microsoft: "The current video card cannot display Aero effects."...although it did before.


      Dell M4600, i7-2720QM CPU

      16 GB memory, tons of empty hard drive

      Windows 7 with latest patches, 64-bit

      BIOS Dell A08, 10/18/2011

      AMT (ATI) FirePro M5950 (FireGL) Mobility Pro Graphics

      Driver is 8.850.7.5000, which is what Dell's site recommends for my service tag