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r9 390x tripple monitor issue

Question asked by berserk_squirrel on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by berserk_squirrel

Hi folks,

got following setup:

AMD fx9590

2x r9 390x Asus Strix

32 GB Ram

2x 512 gb Samsung SSD (Raid)

2x Seagate 2tb SHDD (Raid)

3x Dell U2414H all connected thru DP (each one on a seperate DP Port on the first Graphic card)

latest crimson driver 15.12

Win 10 x64 pro


Following problem: one of the monitors went blanc all of a sudden. Have tried everything, but helped only one thing - switching to DP 1.2 the others are still on 1.1, otherwize one of the others is going blanc. Of course I think that this is not correct... and yeah, it worked fine untill today. Had the same issue on my old 7970. Maybe some one can tell me what I shall do?