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Jittery Graphics windows 10 AMD Radeon R6 Graphics card and driver in 3d gaming

Question asked by lhull4471 on Jan 4, 2016
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Okay people.. I recently purchased this new laptop  HP Pavillion with windows 10 on it.. It has AMD Radeon R6 Graphics card and updated driver.. Since purchasing this laptop, I am now experiencing issues in my 3d game I have been playing for 6 years. My previous laptop was a HP Pavilion as well, however it was windows 7home ed. which also sported AMD Graphics card not sure which version it was on there.. however, I didn't not experience the graphics issues I am not currently experiencing with my windows ten HP.. I am running into jittery graphics.. the game I Play is called Utherverse and as I said I did NOT have this issue with my previous HP windows 7 AMD graphics card.. Can someone please assist me in how to repair this issue? thanks