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    No sound HD7700 HDMI to receiver


      I have a Radeon HD7700 which is connected via HDMI to my Onkyo 626 receiver, the receiver goes via HDMI to my LG LCD TV.


      Everything was working fine until yesterday evening.  I went to the gym and left my computer on to seed some torrents, came home and I could not get sound from any application.  I can get sound if I connect the HD7700 direct to the TV via HDMI but cannot get any sound when the 7700 is connected to the receiver.  I have tested the receiver by streaming music to it via bluetooth.


      I have reinstalled the latest drivers and everything seems to be set up ok in playback devices - the 626 receiver is set as the default device, it says the device supports all the dolby/dts formats, I can configure my speaker set up as 5.1, when I press "test speakers" I can see the green signal bars to indicate sound is being sent to the receiver and I can hear the receiver "clicking" which is the noise it usually makes when receiving a signal - there is just no volume.

      When I tell windows to troubleshoot problems it says:

      "Plug in the speaker, headset or headphone

      The peripheral does not appear to be plugged in"