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HD 7990 problem :(

Question asked by hunter- on Jan 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by hunter-

Cheers to all,
I have a big problem with my Sapphire HD 7990 card,i mean many problems and I don t know for sure if this card is about to die RMA
-Furmark can 't see 2nd gpu on this card,but in gpu-z say: AMD Crossfire enabled (2GPU).Also i activated crossfire from catalyst control center.Im confused .why are these errors??
-In GPU-z in IDDLE mode ,one gpu temp. is 28 degree,and second gpu is about 67 degree,and first gpu have 0.85 Volt VRM and second gpu have 1.200 v. This behavior of this card is normal?
My SO is win 8.1 pro,and I have latest driver from AMD site named Crimson 15.12.I try with different old driver 13.9.Same issue,no succes.I reaplies the thermal paste on this card with Arctic Silver 5,but temps are same,and same issue in furmark(2nd GPU is undetectable)...
Before I purchased this 7990 card, I have an gtx 690 card.But on gtx 690 card I have no issue on Furmark and GPU-Z.It was working flawless.With this hd 7990 I have only problems:(

This card is about to die (RMA),at least I want to know the truth??
Thank you all and I wait for ur answer,