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BSOD/Blank Screen/Power Saving mode problem ALL PROBLEM

Question asked by anibaner on Jan 3, 2016



Problem 1: Do have a S2240L. Been using with a cheap HDMI cable for  few months. Stayed ok. Now while I bought another HDMI cable with pretty standard quality, the monitor is showing-' Entering Power Saving Mode' as soon as I give that power. I checked all the connection. Seemed fine. I used to get 5 mins before it went power saving mode but now I'm completely clueless. What's the deal


Problem 2: The latest driver for my R7 250, getting appcrash. Each time.


Problem 2: Sometimes, when I reboot the machine, the CPU gets powered on but the display remain blank. nothing happens. It's happening frequently. So, I turn the main power off from the switch board. I AM REALLY SCARED BECAUSE IT MAY HAMPER MY WHOLE SYSTEM.

Please help me out ASAP.


These all problems are occurring very frequently. Too scared!


My components-

Win7 64 bit

Sapphire R7 250 (1GDDR5)

FX 8320

Cors Veng. (4x2) 8 GB

ASUS M5A97 R2.0

Dell S2240L