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    Shaders corruption in old Far Cry


      It's the GOG release of Far Cry (1.4).

      No problem with a GeForce 750 and lastest drivers.

      Problems with a Radeon 7850 and lastest Crimson, zooming in with the sniper rifle:








      It seems some kind of LoD-related cubemap/normalmap problem.

      Using FCAM mod:


      *first level zoom (correct rendering)

      View image: Far Cry 2016 01 03 12 37 57 483


      *second level zoom (wrong rendering, the sand texture is overridden by other maps)

      View image: Far Cry 2016 01 03 12 38 00 987

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          I've had similar texture issues with FarCry 4 actually on my Fury.  I honestly think it's the Crimson drivers as I didn't notice any issues beforehand.  Crimson has done a lot of great stuff and I greatly prefer it to the old CCC, but it has had some flukes.  Try reinstalling Crimson after stripping it out with guru3d's graphics driver removal tool (or AMD's), and if that doesn't solve it try switching to/from the Mantle API.  You may also try different AA settings, but if all else fails, try rolling back the driver set.

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            Whoops, my bad, thought you were referring to FarCry4. 

            A lot fewer graphics options at least makes it easier to pin down.

            Use a graphics driver removal tool like Display Driver Uninstaller to ensure all the old GeForce drivers are gone and reinstall the ATI ones.

            Reinstall DX9 by running the DX9 installer from the Farcry install folder. 

            Turn off AA entirely and see if the problem appears, if not, keep bumping the AA till it's either maxed or the problem comes back.

            Good luck, beyond this there are a few other things I could suggest, but these are likely the biggest things to try.