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Monitor shuts down after video driver installation

Question asked by blackeagle on Jan 3, 2016
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I have PC Lenovo H535 and Monitor ViewSonic VP2030. They worked perfectly together with driver AMD Radeon HD 8470D.

Recently I connected my computer to another monitor with lower resolution. They also worked well, but when I connected my old ViewSonic monitor, it didn't work. After showing "Lenovo"-title monitor just shuts down and writes that there's "no signal", while PC continues to work.

Safe mode worked well, so I tried to delete AMD video drivers. After that I can use PC in normal mode with Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and monitor works (except video and games). But now, when I try to install AMD video drivers, monitor shuts down and writes again "no signal". During the video driver installation it's pretty normal for the display to shut off for a moment, I know it. But monitor shuts down completely and I can use it only in the safe mode (to use it in normal mode I must delete AMD video drivers again).


It's bad option to always use only Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. So I hope for Your help.

Thanks in advance.