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Crossfire with two APU for convertible mobile

Question asked by on Jan 2, 2016

Is it possible to crossfire between two APU? If not, then is it in the works?


I see this to be a huge benefit for convertible mobile devices such as the Microsoft Book. I can see AMD dominating this market with zen APU that have HBM cache.



convertible such as the MS Book suffer from high cost while still only providing a dual core CPU. However if there is a 2nd APU in the keyboard then it can achieve having true 4 core when docked while keeping low power consumption with a dual core when in tablet only mode. While crossfire between the APU should make up for not having a dedicated graphic card in the keyboard. Having this setup will allow convertible mobile devices to compete with bigger laptops in processing power while docked, and still have the weight and battery life when in tablet mode. I am pretty sure modern OS already support hot add/remove CPU/GPU.