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Need conformation on probable gpu glitch

Question asked by aidskillz on Jan 2, 2016

Hello and happy new year!


So, got myself a new PC a week back:

OS: W7 x64 SP1

MB: GA-970A-DS3P

CPU: AMD FX-8350

RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 4x4Gb

GPU: Gigabyte R9 280X Windforce v2.0 with HDMI to Samsung S24D340HL

PSU: Chieftec GPS-700A8, 700W

SSD: Kingston HyperX Fury 120Gb


Used drivers for MB and GPU from the disks. Installed and runs good, for a week. Yesterday found that there is newer version of AMD Crimson driver, got that and installed it.

And now comes the sad part, after successful install comes 3 automated restart with no BSOD's or anything, and stops on check input cable or monitor just goes blank and its power led keeps blinking...


I am able to get in safe mode, and if i uninstall video draiver, i can start up just good while using Standard VGA Display driver...

BUT I get this now...


And the lines are visible only it there is some blue colour...


So, my question is, is something wrong with this GPU and I should RMA it, or this is some wierd driver malfunction POS?