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No audio over HDMI

Question asked by nickjohnson93 on Jan 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by famasfilms

I'm trying to hook up a sound system using HDMI. When I plug it in and get everything set up, there's no audio. Windows had the AMD HD audio set as default and windows shows sound being processed, there's just no sound, same thing when I plug it into my monitor, no sound comes out. When I hook up a display port to the monitor, I now have sound, I have even tried doing an Active display port to HDMI dongle and still no sound, so are the sound drivers royaly screwed up with AMD now, or is this a hidden problem. I have also tried several HDMI cables including ones I know for a fact work.


I have the latest driver, 15.12. My card is the Fury X. I also can't roll back my sound driver as this is a fresh install. It won't even work with the basic windows sound driver over HDMI.