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sapphire ati hd7870 2gb gddr5 xt catalyst

Question asked by barrelgroup on Jan 2, 2016
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Hi, first post, my son turned off my computer an Fujitsu Seimens using an ASUS motherboard featuring an amd a4 3300apu radeon hd mmx 3d now 2cpu card. I restarted the computer only to find that I was unable to Play any games as my VGA is using a generic driver. I've tried the autodetect function here to no avail as I think that it doesn't work with XP Professional. I'm at a loss, I don't want to use the many sites that will fix all my driver needs for just 29.99 as I've ben told that they are pants. I know just enough to be dangerous around computers but can anyone here help steer me in the right direction otherwise it's off to PC World...Regards Rob