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Had trouble with drivers, so I uninstalled them, now I can't install them again

Question asked by bloodgrin on Jan 2, 2016

Hello, I've got amd radeon hd7730, and recently installed the crimson edition drivers, since I've installed them they've brought alot of trouble.

When I wanted to turn my monitor on, the light on the power buttonit started flashing and it wouldn't turn on for like an hour, when I uplugged the cable and plug it back started working again after few minutes of flashing.

When I searched for solution I've found out I have to uninstall my drivers, restart the computer, and perform a clean installation of new drivers. That's what I've done, and when I tried to install new drivers the setup came up with an error that I should install drivers with OpenGl 2.0 support. I couldn't read the whole thing cause it closed, and when I tried to install it again it came up with another error that setup can't extract the files.

So, here I am looking for help if anyone had this kind of problem or know how to fix it, please tell me.