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Games and full screen applications are unusable on new install of Windows 10 (picture included). HD7950

Question asked by shakalaka on Jan 2, 2016

I had to move my computer from a broken case to a new case and decided to do a full rebuild and reformat at the same time. Everything is working except for full screen video applications have a major visual error seen here-[1] I recently found that the AMD Crimson setting Display-> GPU Scaling-> On caused a very similar or identical issue that distorts the image and shifts it off the screen, my computer remains responsive.

I am having a hard time troubleshooting because I do not know what the error even it is- my only idea is it has something to do with scaling maybe? So far I have tried 3Dmark, Dying Light and Uningine Valley with the same result.

All of these applications work perfectly in Windowed mode. (Other than 3dmark because I can't find windowed option in free version)

My computer specs- Windows 10 64bit

ATI HD7950 3GB made by HIS (stock clocks)

ATI Crimson 15.12 Drivers

Gigabyte X58a-UD3R Rev 1

Core i7 930 at 4.0Ghz under water, (overclock has been stable for ~3 years)

6 Gigs of triple channel memory

I'm at my wits end with this and would appreciate any help! Please tell me if you need any other information. I have a feeling it might be some small setting somewhere that I am missing.

Thanks so much for your time!