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My Radeon HD 7670M not working (dual-VGA, laptop, Win 7 x64).

Question asked by austinflowers on Jan 1, 2016


- Laptop: Samsung np350v5c-s05de with dual VGA: Radeon HD 7670M + Intel HD Graphics 4000

- OS: Windows 7 x64

- Latest VGA drivers are installed (tried with Catalist and Crimson too)



- Radeon drivers installing properly, then after restart I get error message in Device Manager: "Code 43: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems".

- Or I get Blue Screen (BSoD) reporting the problem with ATIKMDAG.sys file

- Once seemed Radeon working good, when the other VGA had no specific driver outside of the legacy Windows driver. Then I installed the latest proprietary Intel VGA driver, then after restart the Radeon stopped working again. Seemingly the both VGAs not willing to working at same time.


(Originally the both VGAs were ready to work together. They were switchable based a predefined policy, the Radeon was assigned to graphics-intensive programs.)