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Low gpu usage Crossfire, only in the Witcher 3

Question asked by freddie-97 on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2016 by t77chevy

First off all sorry for my bad English!


I have problem with my favorite game The Witcher 3. I can only run it in 1440p or lower(in 60 fps). I have an 4k monitor so i would love to play it in 4k medium! I know my pc will do it beacuse when i stay still both my gpus reach 95+ usage and i get 60+ in fps. Have tried alla in Crimson, AFR works perfectly, i get 60+ fps, but its flickering so much. Have seen alot say the same, problem in this game, both Sli and Cfx. When i only use one gpu its works better, but lower fps. I dont think my pc is the problem, i can play Gta 5, in 4k on very high around 70 fps and Bf4 max 90 fps! Have closed aa in ini files, think i have tried everything please amd fix this i relly want to enjoy this game in 4k! When i play in 4k i get around 20-45 fps (drops very much)!


Please if some one knows a fix to this, please help me! I want so badly to play this masterpiece in 4k!



I7 4790k 4 ghz

2st R9 290x Asus DirectCU II (4 GB)

8 gb Ram

Msi g55 z87

1200w Fsp Aurum

120 GB Kingstone

500 Gb Western digital

Elite 430 Case

Windows 10