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Can i order  the new Fx 8800p processer with R7 graphics to replace my A8 processer with R5 graphics?

Question asked by stenn1999 on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by t77chevy

     I just got a new laptop, specifically an Inspiron 17 5755 with 12 gigs or ram, a 2 terabit hard drive, and AMD A8 with Radeon R5 Graphics. Everything about the computer is great so far, but the processor with built in graphics cant handle gaming. On Fallout 4 on extremely low settings i can only get about 15 FPS (unplayable). Could I order a factory Fx 8800p with R7 graphics directly from AMD to replace mine since they have the same socket style (FP4)? And if I can how would I go about doing so?