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3 weird thing on AMD radeon card!!

Question asked by hunter- on Jan 1, 2016

Happy new year 2016 to all user on this communities and to AMD companies!

Dear AMD,

I started to say im a bit disappointed to choose(upgrade) an AMD video card,and I explain why:


1. I don t understand why edge enhancement+deblocking noise on ANY amd radeon card looks so ugly,look so jaggied and bleding.Now I have a radeon hd 7990,i have latest crimson driver 15.12 and believe me all movie format looks so ugly when I activated edge enhancement.On GeForce gtx 690 video card edge+deblocking noise looks so NICE,so prefessional,no jaggies.Absolutely gorgeus

I don t understand why a big companie like AMd have this issue with picture quality,and believe me I don t lie and my seen is very good.Geforce perform better at this point with edge enhancement+deblocking noise


2. Another weird thing on this amd radeon 7990 card.Only on DP cable is able to see 3840x2160 resolution with 60hz.If I switch on HDMI cable the max resolution handling is only 2048x1080.Why?O my god.On geforce gtx 690 on HDMi conection it was able to handling 3840x2160 on 30 HZ refresh rate.But why only 2048x1080 on hdmi 1.4?Weird....

I forgot to say.My monitor is Philips bdm4065,but not my monitor is the problem.....


3.On many benchmark games like:Crysis Warhead,Lost Planet 2,Stalker Call of Pripyat etc etc...this card hd 7990 is able to see only 8XX AA.Why?On my old geforce gtx 690 on all these benchmark it was able to see 16XX AA.I repeat 16xx not only 8xx


And the list is continued.....


Dear AMd im very disappointed to choose an AMD video card.I know im not so important for you.You have many people who loving you,and a poor guy like me who is disappointed is 0 is not a lost cause for you,but I want to say I never buy an radeon card for the rest of my life.Srry for my bad english


p.s Signed: a sad man!