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Switch HDMI Audio between multiple monitors?

Question asked by sambul38 on Jan 1, 2016

I've multiple monitors setup, and quite often need to run desktop apps on one monitor, and play media content on the other. However, current AMD driver doesn't allow to switch audio outputs between monitors, it always output only to one monitor, chosen as Main in Windows Display Panel.


Please explain, how to switch HDMI Audio Out in Radeon cards between multiple connected via HDMI monitors in Windows 10 64-bit? Currently I need to select a different monitor as Main, and then reboot to have audio output switched. Why don't allow in AMD Control Center to split a single audio source to multiple monitors, or easily select a certain monitor for audio playback regardless which monitor is selected as Main in Windows, and without reboot? Currently, even if I select a different monitor as Main, audio is still output to a previously selected Main monitor until reboot. As I understand, AMD driver incorporates Realtek HDMI audio driver. Why you don't work with your partner Realtek to allow standard HDMI Audio out switching via Windows Sound Panel without the need to change the Main monitor?


Also, when using FirePro cards with Eyefinity feature, how to select which monitor(s) will output sound regardless which one is picked as Main? As I recall, Windows XP allowed to output HDMI sound to multiple monitors. Why your current driver doesn't support that?


Finally, why so many threads on this forum have only one post - a question, but AMD staff never answers any of them, and makes no improvements in drivers as a consequence.