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Crimson Drivers Won't Update, stuck at 15.300.1025.1001 when trying to update to 15.12

Question asked by armads on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by armads

I first encountered this issue a few days ago when I foolishly decided to update my drivers. I'm running of a duel GPU; I have an Intel HD 4000, and an AMD Radeon HD 7800M.


I first realized that both display adapters were behind. To fix the Intel driver, I had to completely uninstall and wipe the device from my system ( Windows 7 64 bit ), and install the drivers from that. This worked for that one.


I then attempted to do the same for my AMD drivers. I completely uninstalled the display adapter, restarted the system, downloaded the drivers, installed them, and checked back.


They are still saying that they are the 15.3 drivers, not the 15.12 drivers. The AMD app is saying that these are out of date, but when I download the 'most recent' drivers, they say that the 15.3 drivers are the most recent, despite the fact that the exe I am running from says they are the 15.12 drivers.


So either the exe is misnamed and is a lie, the drivers for 15.12 don't exist, the drivers are updated but are non-functional for many things, or something is wrong and I have not fitured out what.


The reason I even realized there was an issue, was because things that did not play well with the dual gpu suddenly didn't work when I updated to the crimison drivers.


It should also be noted that if I manually tell windows to update the driver software through my device manager, it 'updates' the drivers to 8.951.9.1000. Obviously these drivers are from 3/26/2012.


All I want to do is install drivers that work, that don't make me spend four days trying to get a computer to function from an 'upgrade.'


Can anyone assist me in in getting the drivers to actually upgrade, and not just claim they are upgraded when they are not? Can anyone help me actually get these drivers to function as intended?