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FX-8350 despite tower cooler way too hot with 100% load

Question asked by puntherline on Jan 1, 2016
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My AMD FX-8350 is running on idle at about 23°C/73,4°F. (Both sides are taken

off the tower, to prevent overheating.) When im putting 100% Load on it for 5 minutes,

it reaches a peak temperature of 57°C/134,6°F. My cooler is the 'Alpenföhn Brocken'.

So I heard, that the CPU should not get over 60°C/140°F. The CPU is not modified,

not overclocked or underclocked and running at 4Ghz. It annoys me, that the CPU

reaches such a high temperature with this cooler and both sides taken off.


Does anyone know if these temperatures are normal or why they are that high?

Thanks for your answers.


Yours sincerely, Tim.