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My APU has lost its clock speed HELP!

Question asked by stxr on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2016 by techguy

So A few weeks ago I noticed That my APU's clock speeds dropped lower then what the actual APU speed is supposed to be. Me being me i didn't do anything about it but now multitasking feels alot slower then when i bought the APU 2 years ago, This is my current RIG setup,

APU - AMD A8 5500 Quad Core 3.2 Ghz w/ 3.7 Turbo

GPU - GTX 750 Ti SC

PSU - Thermaltake TR2 430w

RAM - 8GB samsung 1600mhz (2 Dims)

MOBO - I cant find anything on my pc about it so heres a link Gateway DX4380 Desktop Motherboard FM2 A75 AAHD3-VC DB.GDF11.001: Computers & Accessories

I will provide screen shots of the issue also, in the picture it says my max speed without turbo is 3.19 Ghz and its supposed to be 3.20 and also the APU Never has gone over 3.45 Ghz since, ive made sure im on max power mode and everything. I feel like A quarter of my APU has died.

PS Sorry for the mess of information scattered around, this is my first time posting on a forum