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    eyefinity toggle possible?


      This is something I keep coming back to every 6-12 months. I keep thinking the option will be added and surely I'm not the only person in the world that changes between eyefinity and extended. IDK maybe I am. I would just like to have an option I can easily choose for eyefinity and then after playing the game I want, choose another to switch back to extended desktop.

      I gave up on CCC and the saving of presets as that never worked. The WIN+P option doesn't work. The new driver software is horrible, half the options are hidden or not even there. Currently I open up the crimson crap, go to display, click additional settings, re-enable eyefinity, set the bezel compensation, then I can play in eyefinity. After I open up the same drivers, display, additional settings, disable eyefinity. Just seems like so much work for something that shouldn't need to be.


      Anyway, What I have is:

      AMD Drivers/Software 15.12

      AMD R9 290 plugged into 3x 23 inch viewsonic VX2370SMH-LED - (DVI, DVI, HDMI)

      Win 10 Pro 64bit


      I have even looked into DIsplayFusion but its still in the works and coming (like they said 2 years ago).

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          I hear what you're saying, this used to be possible in CCC and Windows 7, you could create profiles and switch between them using hotkeys. I used to do this with my eyefinity setup and my TV. If I played an FPS with Mouse and Keyboard I would use my eyefinity setup, if I wanted to play with a controller I would switch to my TV. Super Battlestation - Album on Imgur <- check out this album from 3 years ago, I would switch output with Ctrl + Alt+ F4(Eyefinity), and  Ctrl + Alt+ F5(TV)


          The problem isn't the driver the problem is Windows 8+, MS changed the way the driver takes control of the display and Windows takes precedent.

          There is a couple other things Windows 8+ broke as well. Sorry to say it but Microsoft shafted us.

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              When I was running win7 I had issues with it not working properly. Before win7 I was running multiscreens but a different setup and found the same issues with presets not saving everything.

              Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. Seems like games and OS's are the same in the regard to "improvements" not always being good.