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eyefinity toggle possible?

Question asked by dethbringa on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by dethbringa

This is something I keep coming back to every 6-12 months. I keep thinking the option will be added and surely I'm not the only person in the world that changes between eyefinity and extended. IDK maybe I am. I would just like to have an option I can easily choose for eyefinity and then after playing the game I want, choose another to switch back to extended desktop.

I gave up on CCC and the saving of presets as that never worked. The WIN+P option doesn't work. The new driver software is horrible, half the options are hidden or not even there. Currently I open up the crimson crap, go to display, click additional settings, re-enable eyefinity, set the bezel compensation, then I can play in eyefinity. After I open up the same drivers, display, additional settings, disable eyefinity. Just seems like so much work for something that shouldn't need to be.


Anyway, What I have is:

AMD Drivers/Software 15.12

AMD R9 290 plugged into 3x 23 inch viewsonic VX2370SMH-LED - (DVI, DVI, HDMI)

Win 10 Pro 64bit


I have even looked into DIsplayFusion but its still in the works and coming (like they said 2 years ago).