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Somethings triggering 2nd GPU?

Question asked by tomtalk24 on Dec 30, 2015

So I have ditched my 3rd HD7950, and now just have the HD7990. But as of then I have installed Crimson twice, each time when my PC is idle randomly my 2nd GPU will come into life, I only know due to the LED and case noise after a while. Crimson on idle runs hotter than CCC for me, was around 42°c and is now at 66°c, a bug I can live with.


I cant think whats doing it. Firefox (giving it a go, IE runs poor in 10 strangely ) sometimes triggers it, and the only other things according to AfterBurner are...


And it's off now, but if the GPU was on it would be the same.


Anyone else having similar?


Windows 10 Home x64 (sorry, its that or 8.1, my first Windows OS)

AMD HD 7990 (no other Crossfire issues, working well)

Crimson 15.12 (clean) (in fact, super clean )