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Black Screen After Installing Graphics Drivers

Question asked by yippy3000 on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by faisalb4

I am having a weird issue with Windows 10 and an old laptop with a Radeon Mobility HD 4850 graphics card.


When running on the Microsoft Generic Display Adapter drivers (IE, no drivers installed) Everything works fine other than the display won't sleep and I can't change from the native resolution (I don't want to so not a big deal).  However, as soon as I install the AMD drivers for the card, my screen goes black but with the backlight still on.  I have tried multiple versions of the drivers with the same result.


Some Interesting things when this happens:

  • TeamViewer still works as if nothing was wrong, nothing shows on the real screen but my remote connection works just fine.  This is how I get in and out of this situation and can check things when it happens.
  • Device Manager shows everything is happy drivers wise.
  • Connecting an external display works, the display defaults to mirror and I can then use the external display just fine.
  • The resolution of the display is set to 1400x1050 instead of the native 1920x1200


What is going on here? Why do graphics drivers break Windows ability to properly detect and drive the built in display?