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No input signal with newest drivers

Question asked by k1ngf1sh on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by t77chevy

Hello there,


Let me start of by thanking you for your time reading this. I am kind of hitting a brick wall here and am unsure how to solve this issue.


My PC has been working fine for a few months, however a few weeks ago I tried to take my computer out of standby mode by clicking my mouse and hitting a few random buttons as I always do. I heard the sound that it makes when windows is restored, however I didn't see anything, only the message: 'No input signal'.

I thought nothing of it, restarted my pc, expecting it to work again but it gave the same error.

I reinstalled windows 8.1 and everything worked fine, I could browse the internet and my screen was still working. I then immediately upgraded to windows 10, but as soon as the install was done it would give me the 'no input signal' again.

I reinstalled windows 8.1 once more, installed drivers and figured I would just use windows 8.1, and it would be a fault in windows 10. However a few days ago I had the exact same thing happen to me on windows 8.1.

I reinstalled again, and again everything worked, I used the 3d guru driver remover tool, and after that reinstalled the drivers. Once this installation was complete I had the exact same error once again: 'No input signal'.


I figured in previous attempts the drivers might have updated automatically or something causing the error, but I am not sure.

Maybe it's not the drivers but what else could it be? My video card and monitor are working fine.

Any help or tips is greatly appreciated.

Thanks once again in advance,



Edit: I forgot to mention that I am now using my PC with windows 8.1 installed and an older driver from the disc that came with my graphics card, this seems to work for now, but it's not a permanent solution.