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wildstar GPU Usage

Question asked by starrk94 on Dec 30, 2015

So I have problem with wildstar performance with Fx8120 Oc'ed to 4v3GHz and msi r9 380 on windows 10. Main problem as far as I saw is very low gpu Core speed. How does it happen: I open the game and it runs perfectly fine in character menu- It has 179-180 fps due to cap set ingame, and running at gaming core speed of 1000 or 980Mhz. Then after clicking enter world game is starting to stutter in this char select and goes down to P0 performance and stay there for ever 300-400 MHz. GPU usage Jumps so crazy it looks like EEG, even when standing in the very same not crowded area. 100% gpu usage down to 0-10% and up to 100% again. Additional thing: I can't turn on dynamic shadows because driver is crashing- as far as I know this problem can be walked around, but It's been like 3(?) years now... Strange thing I've noticed is that when I'm in house instance everything works perfect- 980 or 1000Mhz and gaming speeds with 150+fps, but as soon as I go out I get like 20-40 fps, which is barely playable with the card that can handle Witcher 3 without bigger problem.

gpu usage.png





Dx diag and gpu-z log in attachement.

980MHz peaks from gpuz are from character select.
I've posted it here, because nothing I've found in net didn't help me as well as wildstar support.