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AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 : fan control stuck at max 28% ??

Question asked by macd on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by macd

I've bin playing around with AMD drivers the last couple of days, the newest Crimson and the "old" Catalyst 15.11.1 beta


After doing a full clean install of Windows 10 a couple of days ago I installed the latest Crimson (15.12)


After a couple frustating days of the usual problems with Crimson (and Crimson making VLC player crash) this morning I switched back (again) to Catalyst 15.11.1 beta.


Now here's the thing :
You know that Crimson limits you're fan speed to about max 30% ? (that's with the Fury chipset)


Now Catalyst is doing the same thing , fan's will not go passed 28%, this is with Overdrive either  turn on or off.


I did a full uninstall of Crimson : deinstalled it using the setup tool, restart, then run DDU to remove any Crimson crap that maybe got left, swithed system off, started and installed Catalayst.
So I about 100% sure Crimson was fully removed and this can't be a driver conflict.


Anyone got any idea what could cause this ??
Better, did anyone else after had this problem with a Fury and Catalyst ?