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7950 dual screen always in load

Question asked by rickdarby on Dec 30, 2015

So i have a gigabyte 7950 3GB and it's been working fine.

Right now i have the latest drivers but this problem existed ever i got the video card (so with previous drivers as well):


I'm running 2 screens on it :

- benq 24" monitor (running at 1920x1080)

- samsung 42' tv (running at 1920x1080)


I use the monitor as my primary display and the tv only powers on when i need to watch a movie or something.

The monitor is connected via DVI and the tv via HDMI. The displays are set to CLONE.


With the tv turned off (but connected) the gpu clocks stay at 500mhz (the gpu) and 1250mhz (the memory). This without any sort of gaming or anything, full idle, tv turned off.

With the tv disconnected from video card the clocks drop at 300mhz (gpu) and 150mhz (mem).


Not only that, but with the tv connected the temp of the 7950 is around 43 degrees (in idle) and with the tv disconnected it drops to a decent 31-32 degrees (also in idle).


So the main problem is that the gpu runs at almost full load with no actual load on it (just 2 displays connected - but only 1 turned on) - this results into higher temps, more power consumption and the fans spinning fast.


Is there any way i can solve this? I want to keep both my displays connected all the time...