Microsoft explains it's push for Windows 10, and it's so stuipd you'll die laughing

Discussion created by black_zion on Dec 29, 2015
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Microsoft explains why it's pushing Windows 10 so aggressively (spoiler: it's to keep you safe)


I'm going to quote this portion, and it's so stupid you wonder if they even think people will believe this garbage:


But we do worry when people are running an operating system that’s 10 years old that the next printer they buy isn’t going to work well, or they buy a new game, they buy Fallout 4, a very popular game, and it doesn’t work on a bunch of older machines.


Seriously though, if they'd drop the mandatory telemetry reporting for non Fast Ring users (to satisfy the conspiracy theorists), remove the ability of "updates" and "upgrades" to uninstall programs, and revert back to the optional update system which has been in place since Windows 98 (since nobody wants a borked system, and not everyone is on an unlimited internet connection), can you not see where adoption rates would skyrocket? After adoption rates continue to stay low after the beginning of the year when Windows 10 becomes a Recommended Update, they're going to either have to start listening to the bulk of their users, or keep releasing updates to remove utilities which disable automatic updates.