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I'm having problems with my PC , and it might be because of a faulty card . R9 280x from sapphire

Question asked by hsd112 on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by hsd112

Hello , i have bought a r9 280x sapphire card online about a year ago , from a online second hand service (kinda like amazon , etc) from a guy that worked as a graphical designer and wanted to upgrade and sold it for a lot cheaper . I bought it for about 100 euros and I thought it was totally worth it for the time . It even came with insurance , and compared to the other prices at the time (over 200 euros everywhere else ) it was a deal . After I installed it and the drivers , I had some problems while gaming , because it would randomly crash with vertical lines . I've tweaked it a bit from the drivers , with some more power going in (3%) and some overclock , and it seemed to work perfectly . I would still get that weird crash from time to time , but it was manageable . Since then , I have updated to windows 10 and had no problems , but when the new amd drivers came out , I tried the same settings and games would just open up and remain black , and I'd had to use task manager to close the game AND the drivers , and then reset the drivers to play anything . And even then , when i go play pretty much anything , I get weird graphical glitches (like the image distorts and moves around for a split second , every now and then ) and when it crashes , it gives no warning other than those weird glitch things . And the way it crashes is : screen turns to a bunch of thing vertical lines made of two colors , pretty random colors but i think it might have to do with what was on the screen right when it crashed ( was playing snow map ==> gray and white colors , was playing desert map , orange and red colors , sometimes black ) I honestly don't know what to do and some people who have had this problem say it's from faulty ram (I checked , no errors) , bad PSU (Tried a stronger and newer one , same problem) or from a faulty gpu .

Oh , and I don't think it's overheating , since it's winter and I didnt have any problems during summer . . .


Anyway , all help is appreciated , and if I have to buy a new component , I want to know which one is faulty , so I don't waste money . Thanks for reading .