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    Upgrade did nothing


      Hey guys can someone help me please? Since it is holiday season I decided to upgrade my pc. I started with an X4 860K processor and upgraded to an A10 7850K processor. I also upgraded my GPU from a Sapphire r7 260x to a PowerColor r9 270. Along with those upgrades I decided to change my 430 watt power supply to a 600 watt. I upgraded all of this, but I do not see any change in game play. FPS wise in cs go I had an 80 fps with my old setup, but now I still get the same thing (80 fps). In Star Wars battlefront I have the same fps on high settings, sitting at a 40 fps. My motherboard is an MSi a78-e35 and have 8gb of ram. I called msi and all they said was maybe upgrade your ram. I am super frustrated because I spent over 300$ in upgrades and see no improvement. Any thoughts? 

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          well seeing the 860k is the same cpu in the a10 7850k just without the igpu , thats most likely the issue , the 270 is a small upgrade from a 260x , personally if you stay on the socket , putting that money in just a good gpu and a cpu cooler to oc with would of been the ideal solution