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Crimson drivers not working on E-350 please provide older drivers

Question asked by magistar on Dec 29, 2015

Hi there.

I just did a clean install for my AMD E-350 APU based system. This is not going well. Basically Crimson was a big letdown and it did not work at all. I cannot find older chipset drivers on the AMD website (e.g. from the time around Catalyst 12.12 or 13.12). Can AMD please provide these to me??? Please realize that I have an APU which means I need both chipset and graphics drivers.


Full story:

The official AMD website made me download the following files:




I tried to install both, but both but the installer failed at 2%. When I checked the Windows error log I noticed error 1723 which mentioned a a missing dll and refers to an install dir base. So this meant AMD has forgotten to install some dependencies. I took a wild guess and chose to install dotnet4.5 and VC2015. However, the installer still failed. Then I checked the AMD temporary installation directory. Here I found folders with VC2012 x64, VC2012 x86 and VC2013 x64. I installed all 3. Now I was able to install the chipset driver and the graphics driver! (*note: the average pc user is not likely to find that solution*).


At least I thought I was. Because after a reboot the "sleep" option was still greyed out. I suspected the Crimson driver had not installed a proper graphics driver so I checked powercfg -a which reported that indeed my vga driver did NOT support sleep and that I had to update system firmware. So I went to device manager and notice my APU was recognized as a "standard VGA device". I also fired up "Gaming Evolved" which said that unfortunately my graphics card did not support updates. Argh!


So obviously Crimson drivers are not suitable for the E350 chipset.


This is fine but I really need some drivers. The original drivers shipped with my motherboard were experimental to say the least and had issues such as loading the cpu and video hardware decoding.


Please provide me with functional drivers so I can keep using my E350 !