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2 screens shutdown when eyefinity is disabled

Question asked by mattyd7829 on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by mattyd7829

I have 4 screens in total, 3 x 1080 attached to my 295x2 and the last screen 1280 x 720 attached to my igpu.


When I enable Eyefinity Windows sets my 1280 x 720 screen as the main desktop and I have to open display properties to set the eyefinity set as main otherwise games open on the wrong screen.


When I disable eyefinity I only get my very right hand screen working from my 295x2 and the igpu screen.


If I re-enable eyefinity they all work again.


If I disconnect the screen connected to the igpu then the other 3 all work.


If I connect the 4th screen to the 295x2 then the other two switch off again.


If I mess around in the Windows display settings after I disable eyefinity, which involves duplicating the desktop between 2 of the screens (1 of the working screens and one of the non working screens) then extending the desktop to the just switched on screen then doing the same again for the other switched off screen, I can get it to work but it is a pita to say the least.


Can anyone give me any ideas on how to stop this from happening?