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    Want suggestions for an OS


      I've got an Radeon HD Mobility 5650, which apparently is in the 4xxx series.  I made the mistake of upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 (x64, home edition), and there isn't a driver for it.  I've tried force installing the legacy drivers using the device manager, but those drivers aren't signed for windows 10, so I get an error message saying the driver doesn't support this version of windows.  (Since it thinks running *no* video driver is better than one designed for an earlier OS.)


      I should've been able to rollback to windows 7, but I needed to reset after something crashed it, and the reset removed the rollback option.  I don't have a CD, and I can't download an ISO patch with the product ID that MagicJellyBean says my computer is using and the sticker on the bottom is long since rubbed illegible.  That leaves the only option of giving Microsoft $30 to buy windows 7 all over again.  Frankly, at this point, Microsoft can suck it.  I'm not going to give them money for breaking my computer with an OS update when it worked fine before.


      I'm considering getting Ubuntu.  Should I get the latest version of it, or should I look for the last version AMD explicitly says they have support for?  Or, is there some other variety of Linux that anyone thinks is better?

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          Ahh yes, my last laptop I took the sticker off and put it with the Full Windows CD I requested from the maker (rather than the bloatware recovery CD).


          It depends what your looking for, I highly recommend Ubuntu MATE. It uses a normal desktop, isnt filled with Amazon stuff, looks nicer and being Ubuntu works just as well. Ubuntu being the best general Linux Distro around for updates and support.

          It should be pointed out, if you have a memory stick, or a CD RW(and alot of time), you can try out nearly every Linux distro around using what they call a Live CD. You just boot off the stick and your using it almost like its fully installed.


          Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 | USB Pen Drive Linux  Download this, tick the "download" box when choosing and OS, it writes it to your stick and job done, reboot and boot into it.

          Again try Ubuntu MATE first. It runs fast, secure, has everything you need. Once you get the hang of (sudo apt-get install "whatever") you'll be laughing.


          You could even dual boot when you setup, for them times you may need Windows, or run Windows in a vmware within Linux Hope this helps.