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    r9 290 crash black screen, restart


      CPU -     AMD FX 8350

      MOBO - 970A - DS3

      MEMORY - DDR 3 8 GB 1800++MHz

      GPU - AMD RADEON R9 290 - MSI

      PSU - 650 W 80+ Bronzw Coolermaster




      Just happened recently about less than 1 month that my PC always black screen and auto restart. sent for diagnostic check and shop says broken gpu.

      frequent crash when playing games, gta 5, anno 2025...

      downloaded latest amd crimson and as a result got black pixels when playing gta 5. gone after alt tab. but will happen again after few secs/ relog / restart

      gpu temp is normal around 60 when playing games. graphic setting not too high only about 2.7k of 4k gpu memory


      anyone have the same issue or i just got a bad card? thinking to change the psu to 750/850W..


      ps: thought of the thermal paste inside the gpu after google / discuss / ask ppl but still not fixed and warranty void coz i replaced the thermal paste

      lesson learn = no more amd?

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          when the shop said " broken gpu " did you rma that one and this is yet another one or is this the same gpu the shop said bad gpu , also thermal paste would of only possible helped if it was a overheating issue

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              the shop that diagnose my pc is the one saying gpu is broken. they tested with other gpu and my pc works fine. later i asked them to try with 750W which resulted with lesser black screen.


              i cant rma there since i dont buy there. its a bit complicated and last time i rma something it takes about 3months to get the item back


              i tried to google this issue, but it seems there are many ppl having the same issue, so im thinking this is a software problem rather than hardware for r9 290?