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Crimson interface is a nightmare

Question asked by molitar on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by mellowcream

This new driver is crap!  Issues this horrible version has.


The interface is a backwards step it's awful!  Nothing makes any sense at all.  Took me forever to find the additional settings and than it's missing the Switchable Graphics Application settings!  Not only that ugg I was in monitor hell when just clicking on the options to view them it made my two monitors the same monitor spanned!   I all of a sudden couldn't move my mouse down to access anything!  My desktop was totally screwed up!   It was a nightmare trying to get it to get to the disable to turn off that HORRID HORRID feature!  Them should be menus not enabling options!  Nothing should enable until you hit apply!  Horrible crap!  If the drivers remain the screwed up interface they are this is the LAST absolute LAST AMD video card I will ever purchase and tell everyone to run away from AMD!


1. Installing driver broke my default audio settings

2. The interface to get to advanced settings is horribly hidden

3. Clicking on left menu screws up the entire monitor layout!  I had to re-position my monitor screen and icons the way I want them

4. The Switchable Graphics Application setting is completely missing!

5. Driver I had to do a complete graphic driver cleaner first before they would install.


AMD better keep a Catalyst version of the drivers as these Crimson are nothing but a complex mess that is awful to manage!