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    Radeon HD 7950 + Windows 10 issues


      I bought an iBuyPower system


      • Intel Core i7 Haswell Processor
      • AMD Radeon HD 7950 Graphics Card
      • ASROCK Z87 PRO3 Motherboard
      • ASETEK 120mm Liquid Cooling
      • Western Digital 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
      • NZXT Guardian 921 Chassis


      I never had any issues until I switched to Windows 10. Now that I have installed Windows 10 I have the following issues:

      • Constant graphic refresh abnormalities (e.g. anytime Firefox/Chrome try to refresh my screen turns white)
      • Anytime i try to reinstall AMD it locks up my system (even on a clean Windows 10 install)
      • When I run autodetect utility it says it is an R200
      • Even though I have a sound card it says that I need to install the AMD HD audio