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Orange screen then crash?

Question asked by cainstar on Dec 29, 2015

So ever since I updated to crimson drivers I get these crashes, while playing games(AC:Syndicate,GTAV), where the game freezes and screen gets "orange tint". Alt+tabin or ctrl+alt+deling takes me to desktop.....well sort of....The entire screen is corrupted and I can do nothing, but to hit reset button on my computer. Now in another thread it was said that this "orange screen" is overheating issue, because the first edition of crimson drivers contained a mistake that caused the cooler not to work properly. Now I have updated to the latest drivers, I even had the "emergency fix" drivers which supposedly fixed the cooler problem, so why am I still experiencing these crashes? And how do I know that my GPU isn't going overheat and burn itself?


Oh and my GPU is 295x2.