Crimson driver causes system failure restart on laptops

Discussion created by seongjpark on Dec 28, 2015

HP Probok 450 G0

Windows 10 Pro

Intel HD 4000 / AMD HD 8750M

Up to date


The Crimson driver causes laptop to restart (triggered by system failure) when powered on from sleep mode.

I know it's a "system failure" restart because when I disable "restart on system failure" option from somewhere in the control panel, the laptop doesn't boot at all from sleep mode and I have to force shut down.

I know that it's the crimson driver that's 100% causing this issue because I've uninstalled programs one by one, reproducing the issue after each program uninstalled.

The restarting problem stopped when I uninstalled the crimson driver (using DDU).

I've even reinstalled the crimson driver and the problem started again, therefore the cause of the issue is definitely the crimson driver.

The restart issue happens with both the 15.11.1 beta and the latest 15.12.