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Frame rates drops when laptop is charging

Question asked by kennethboja on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by dedrick

Hi! I have an Acer E5-551g-812l Laptop and the issue is that when I plug in my charger, frame rates drop siginificantly (10-15fps). Now when I unplug it, games run so much smoother.
I have already set my power settings to high performance and set my maximum cpu frequency to 100%. I've already updated my drivers and it still doesn't make a difference.




Specs are as follows:
CPU: Amd A8-7100 1.8GHz with turbo speed up to 3GHz + Amd R5 series integrated graphics
RAM: 4gb DDR3
GPU: Amd Radeon R7 m265 with 2gb ddr3 Vram
HDD: 500gb
OS: Windows 8.1




I've been looking for solution for quite a while now and still hasn't found that works yet. I'm afraid that this might be a hardware issue. I hope that it's not and I'm also hoping that this can be fixed by certain driver updates or whatever.


Games tried: NBA 2k14, CS:GO, Cod4, Dota 2.




All of these games run smoothly when I don't plug my charger.


Please help.