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Amd crimson problem FPS

Question asked by kozlo on Dec 28, 2015

Hey there



What happens is that after spending ddu in safe mode I installed cleanly amd crimson software is updated, all without problems, but when playing for example planetside2 have a rare slump fps eg 60 fps to move the camera or every few seconds down to 2 or 7 fps, have become the catalyst 15.7 and do well even in crimson increased fps is noticeable but are not stable (apologies if I can not understand I speak Spanish )



The driver will be a problem crimson? and there will be a patch or update?

My laptop is an HP



Processor: AMD A-Series A8-6410 (2000 MHz - 2400 MHz)

RAM: 8 GB DDR3 (1600 MHz)

Display: LED 15.6 "(1366x768)

Battery: 4-cell (41000 mWh)

Storage: 750GB HDD (5400 rpm)

Video cards:

R5 AMD Radeon Graphics (Integrated)

AMD Radeon R7 M260 (2 GB)



Thank you very much anyway.