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Where to find the last Catalyst driver? (XFX R7950 DD)

Question asked by protospecs on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by kingfish

I have a XFX R7950 DD for 3 years that used to run at 37/39 C. when idle.

Now it runs at 59/60 C most of the time. Yet sometimes it stays on 37/39?!

At current nobody in the house can even use the computer other than me because the fan lock error jumps in all the time even when coming out of sleep status!


Then I read at several places all is ok now according to AMD.......  

Well.... if that is the consensus I best go back to Catalyst.

Saves me searching(!) for features that aren't there no longer as well

Common setting hidden in Game profiles.   Really ??


I feel so mad wasting more time on this issue I am almost ready to throw it out  and go for a new NON AMD (based) card.



But for now I'd like to go back to Catalyst first.

THX in advance.