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Windows 10 Switchable Graphics

Question asked by notaclue on Dec 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by kingfish

Laptop as follows:

HP DV7 6154ea

Intel i7 2630QM processor with integrated Intel HD3000 GPU

AMD Radeon HD 6490M graphics card

Windows 10 recently upgraded from Win 7


I have read in various threads that the HD3000 is not compatible with Win 10. After working just fine for a couple of weeks after installing Win 10, I suddenly started experiencing the long delay during boot that has been reported by others. Disabling the HD3000 in Device Manager temporarily solved the problem but, after changing the screen resolution some time later, the HD3000 was re-enabled and the slow start-up returned.


I only have a few days left before my roll-back option expires so I need to make a decision soon as to whether I should keep Win 10, and would be grateful if anyone can answer the following:

Assuming I can permanently disable the Intel HD3000, will the Radeon HD 6490M work correctly with Win 10?

If so, how do I disable the HD3000?

- Uninstall it thro Device Manager?

- Turn it off in the BIOS?

If the HD3000 is permanently turned off, will I still get a basic working display in Safe Mode or under other conditions without the drivers loaded?

Should I run Catalyst, or it's new replacement, Radeon Settings Crimson?


Thanks in advance for any help.